Attending a Heaven in Business conference impacted my life significantly, and in such a different way to other church conferences or Christian business gatherings. Through connecting with inspirational Christian business people, combining teaching with testimonies of God’s supernatural blessing in business, as well as receiving profound prophetic insights, the conference helped me gain a renewed sense of purpose and passion for my work. I realised how much God values what I do in the business world and not just in my “ministry”. I learnt that He has equipped me with spiritual gifting that is meant to operate in all areas of my life and to bless every area of society. As a result, I began to enjoy a newfound partnership with God in my work, receiving solutions to problems, creativity in designing new programmes, and His favour upon new opportunities. I now see that He is blessing my city through the organisation that I help to grow!

Brendon Knott, Associate Professor: Sport Management Department,
Cape Peninsula University of Technology

My perspective was really challenged when I attended a Heaven in Business Conference in 2017. I learnt that partnering with God in business could be a daily, practical relationship rather than just a theological position. Like any relationship, I am still growing and learning what it means to see what the Father is doing. Sometimes I fail, but the breakthroughs make it so worth it! 

Just the other day, I came in to my office on a public holiday, and all the other offices were empty.  We were struggling to get permission to operate in the business park because our business concept is quite unique and property owners have no frame of reference to deal with our services. I remembered a prophetic word I was given a few months back about being faced with an open door. I just wasn’t seeing it! So I decided to walk past every door in the building that was closed, lay hands on it and decree it to open to receive the blessing of heaven through our business. (It felt like a completely random idea, but I reckoned that God honours faith and if He said something I should decree that circumstances align with it). I was completely overjoyed when my Client Relationship Manager emailed me a few days later to say that she had been given permision to operate in the building, and other tenants had come to seek her out to ask when they could sign up!

Even the business idea itself was birthed out of dreaming with God, which is also something I learnt about in the 2017 conference. His creativity is endless and available to anyone who dares to take up the challenge to out-dream Him! I wholeheartedly recommend Heaven in Business. It changed how I do business, and I know it will change yours.

William Spöhr, Founder: Ukuvela Coffee

 I recently received an email from a travel agency near Cape Town:

“We have yet to find a church who is like minded in thinking that a business can also disciple people and be used for God’s glory.  We would really like to connect with a support base that can help us build a Kingdom business.  We really need supernatural favour with employees, we need business to come in, we need supernatural wisdom to know how to manage time and the business, we need supernatural connections, we need supernatural strategy from God.  We are really praying that you will come help birth this in the Spirit with us!”

I immediately knew we needed to respond.  Gathering a few prophetic friends from my church community, we drove to the business.  God showed us His heart and perspective for the couple who manage the travel agency.  The prayer time we had was as much about ministering healing as it was prophesying into the business. 

The couple’s response was, “Thanks to you and your team again for Friday’s prayer. It was super encouraging and uplifting.  We really appreciated your servant hearts.” 

Colin Walker, Encounter Church

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